About ACC Institute of Human Services - ACC Institute of Human Services

About ACC Institute of Human Services

The ACC Institute of Human Services (formerly known as ACC School of Counselling and Psychology) was established in 2003 and seeks to raise the ethical standards and professionalism of counsellors through strategic training and educational programmes.

ACC Institute of Human Services is registered with the Committee for Private Education  (Registration No.201002023N, 29 June 2023 – 28 June 2027).

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Why study at ACC

ACC is a leading institute of higher learning specializing in human services training and education programmes. ACC offers a wide range of courses on counselling and psychology leading to Certificate, Diploma and Specialist Diplomas.

We also organise training workshops by established trainers in counselling, psychotherapy and psychology to cater to the needs of counsellors, psychologists and other helping professionals.


The Institute of Excellence in Human Services Education


Enabling Lives through Human Services Education


Altruism: We are concerned about and devoted to the welfare and well-being of others.

Commitment: We are committed to enable lives through Human Services Education.

Credibility: We deliver credible programmes and services that are beneficial to the individual and community.