ACC School of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care - ACC Institute of Human Services

Welcome to ACC School of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care!

The school offers a variety of First Aid and Resuscitation courses that cover different fields of interest in both English and Mandarin. 

The courses are provided by Singapore Emergency Responder Academy.

What will you gain?

Through the courses, you will gain:

  1. Competency in providing First Aid in common medical emergencies
  2. Proficiency in providing resuscitation to adult, infant or children casualty
  3. Providing support to individuals who are in distress after a crisis
  4. Support individuals who may be having mental health disorder such as Depression, Anxiety or Panic Disorders.

Our Programs are taught by experienced First Aiders, Nurses and Paramedics.

About Singapore Emergency Responder Academy

The Singapore Emergency Responder Academy ( was established in 2012 to meet the outpouring need for eminent emergency responders, with the aim of building confidence to all students in providing first aid and life support.

Vision: SERA aims to be the leading emergency response training centre in Asia

Mission: To equip and enhance organizations and individuals with workplace safety and life-saving skills.

First Aid and Resuscitation Courses

Programme duration:

  • Full Course – 3 days 
  • Refresher Course – 2 days

Blended Learning:

Child First Aid Course

Blended Learning:

  • Live Webinar via Zoom
  • Onsite Practical Skills Training and Assessment (1.5-day)

Blended Learning:

  • Online Course 
  • Onsite Practical Skills Training and Assessment (3 hours)

Blended Learning:

  • Online Course 
  • Onsite Practical Skills Training and Assessment (3 hours)
Instructor Courses

A student must possess the valid Provider Certificate in order to be eligible for Instructor Courses.

Psychosocial Support Courses

Psychological First Aid

Psychological first aid (PFA) is an evidence-based approach to provide initial support to people who have experienced a traumatic crisis. Through proper support, individuals would feel safe and hopeful.

The course is conducted via Online Platform. Learners can learn at their own time and pace. 

First Aid in Mental Health

In Singapore, 1 in every seven people has experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime.  However, many people do not know what to do when they find themselves or their friend in distressed.

Therefore, First Aid in Mental Health aims to equip you with the knowledge of mental disorders and ways to provide initial help and support.