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ACC Institute of Human Services have a team of suitably-qualified and experienced lecturers who are are our Course Mentors. They are registered with the Committee For Private Education (CPE). You will benefit from their years of relevant experience. They are keen and zealous to impart to you the relevant knowledge and skills.

Warton Ong

Warton is a clinical member and registered Counsellor with Singapore Association for Counselling. He is also a Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) approved Family Life Educator. He provides clinical training and supervision to new para-counsellors to develop their counselling skills and knowledge.

With his wealth of experience working with clients, Warton specializes in treating mental illness and family problems in the context of relationships. Drawing on a desire to help clients overcome challenges in their relationships, his goal is to help individuals, couples and families find healthier ways of interaction to improve communication and cope with life’s challenges.

His areas of special interests include pre-marital counselling (promoted by Singapore registry of marriage (ROM), marital issues, same-sex attraction, couple therapy, parenting issues, adolescence, grief work, workplace stress and change.

His integrative treatment approaches include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Systemic Therapy, Narrative Solutions couple therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Coaching and Psycho-educational.

Warton is fascinated by neuroscience, the psychology of learning and adolescent development. He conducts Mental Health talks on stress and employee engagement for business organizations and provides counselling services under the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) scheme to help employees deal with personal problems that may adversely impact their work performance, health, and overall well-being. He also juggles lecturing assignments at Civil Service College as part of impacting the efficiency of government officers. Despite his hectic schedule, he teaches and practises the Chi Dynamics-Qiqong exercise for healthy living and relaxation.  He is a certified trainer and an assessor with ACTA and DACE.


Recent Feedback from Warton’s Class

He is very experienced and knowledgeable about this module, a good facilitator for a difficult module as counselling theory is a dry and intensive subject. – HS

Mr Ong is gentle, has natural ability to listen and clearly explain his ideas and thought in our case studies discussion with an open and nonjudgmental attitude. –  PMH

Mr Ong is a calming lecturer. He is always able to maintain the right pace and project great competency and professionalism in this module. I am grateful to Mr Ong for his guidance in counselling. I love his steadiness in handling every situations. – L

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Tan Choon Hooi, Klein

Mr Tan holds a Master in Social Science (Counselling) from the University of South Australia. He is a license administrator for Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) under Psychological Publication, Inc, a Behaviorist Consultant with DISC profiles under MTS-Asia, and also a certified administrator for 16 PF (16 Personality Factors level CF2 and HR2).

In the year 1999-2000, Mr Tan trained and supervised Pre-Marital Counsellors in conjunction with Family Life & Counselling Ministry (FLCM). He focused on counsellors’ developments, case management and train the trainers. He also supervised para-counsellors during the same period.

In the year 2004, Mr Tan worked closely with Academy of Certified Counsellors in providing supervision for students attached with various organisations such as social services, schools, prisons etc, focusing on counsellors’ development.

Mr Tan is a part time lecturer with ACC. Mr Tan also provided supervision to the social workers and counsellors of “We-Sharecare Society for Children and Youth” from 2004 to 2007. Mr Tan teaches the Specialist Diploma In Counselling Psychology, Specialist Diploma In Youth Counselling And Management, Specialist Diploma In Workplace Counselling and Specialist Diploma In Counselling Addiction – Gambling.


Recent Feedback from Mr Tan’s class

Klein is a sincere and encouraging person both as a person and also professionally. His style of teaching allows us to reflect critically and honestly on real-life issues and also balancing it with the courage to move forward. – CC

Klein is engaging and knowledgeable. The experiences that he has shared enlighten me about what are some of the things to note in the counselling field. – CL

Klein is a genuine, and shared a lot of to us to let us understand more how to handle different client issues. He explained course very clearly and encourage us a lot as well. I enjoyed his lessons, and may consider to continue learning in counselling field. – ZJ

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Joseph Quek

Joseph is a Professional Counsellor at Singapore Counselling Centre. He holds a Master of Counselling from Monash University and is a Registered Nurse with Singapore Nursing Board.

During his stint at the Ministry of Defence as the Deputy Head of the Basic Skills Training Section and Program Director for Basic Cardiac Life Support and CPR+AED in the SAF Medical Training Institute (SMTI), he volunteered to take on the appointment of a Para-Counsellor to provide help to servicemen in dealing with their stress and mental health issues more effectively.

Today, Joseph is a committed Lecturer at ACC Institute of Human Services, teaching modules of the Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology. He is a certified ACTA trainer and he believes in empowering and transforming the next generation to make a difference in others’ lives. As a counsellor, Joseph uses techniques such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. He works closely with clients to identify root issues, connect the dots and see the presenting issues in a different light.

Aside from his professional work, he is also an active officer of The Boys’ Brigade for the past 10 years, where he mentors and counsels the boys to become leaders of the next generation. For the boys who may be going through difficulties at school or at home, Joseph works closely with their parents and provides support to them.

Joseph has helped many adults and young adults in the areas of self-esteem, anger management, stress management, depression, anxiety issues, relationship and family difficulties and other life challenges.


Recent Feedbacks from Joseph’s Class 

A very passionate and energetic lecturer! Though I am joining the lessons through zoom, I can feel the sincerity of Joseph, wanting to help us to understand the topics and able to practise them. He has deep thoughts for us (the students), example inviting us to come earlier to class (via zoom) at 6 p.m. for us to ask questions and allow us to practise counselling & give us pointers. I know these are extra and is eating into his personal time (e.g. dinner and rest time before the lesson). He seeks to understand “the capacity” of the students (the ability the student can understand), worry that the .ppt slides could be too abstract for us to understand and hence making last-minute changes to the slide before the lessons. This has helped us to understand the topics better. Giving us extra simple materials to read up is of great help to us. When we are asking questions, he is able to give examples and relate back to the topics to explain to us. – S

He was great with the way he conducted his classes and often went out of his way to answer our questions and provide us with feedback (in a very constructive manner) Really enjoyed the experience! – Y

“I learnt to become: A more inviting & welcoming person. A more genuine and congruent in my interview. A more respectful person towards others. A more empathetic listener A warmer personality towards others” – Ong

Well guided by the Lecturer, I pick up the direct revelation, the relevancy, the connectivity of counselling psychology understanding very much. I love the M2. – J


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Jane Santos-Kwok

Jane holds a Master’s Degree in Family Psychology and Counselling. She graduated with Distinction at St. Scholastica’s College Manila Philippines. She was a senior lecturer at ACC Institute of Human Services and a part time lecturer at her alma mater. She taught psychology and counselling courses.

Jane is an experienced counsellor dealing with cases such as depression, anxiety, anger, trauma and relationship issues. Her specialisations are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming particularly in dealing with trauma. Jane also has extensive experience dealing with children and youth having worked as a school counsellor in Singapore and Philippines.

She is also counselling couples and children undergoing family court cases. She believes in curating an individualised approach to counselling for her clients taking into consideration age, culture and personality.

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Dr Li Hai Ning, Grace

Dr. Li Hai Ning Grace, hold a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology & Doctor of Applied Psychology from Beijing Normal University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. She has more than 10 years of working experience.

She is the first cohort to graduate from China Shaanxi Da Kang Psychology Consulting & Psychotherapy Training College. In the year 2001, she was awarded a Practice Psychology Qualification Certificate from China Shaanxi Province Labour Department. In the year 2002, she co-established an On-Line Hospital Psychology Consulting Physiotherapy Centre in China. She has worked in Singapore Adam Road Hospital and has conducted Counselling in Mandarin. She also holds a Certificate of “A Practice Psychology Qualification” from China, a Qualification of Psychological measurement form Institute of Psychology, CAS. She is a certified facilitator for the Prepare-Enrich programme for premarital counselling, marriage preparation, marriage counselling and marriage enrichment.

Dr. Li is a senior counsellor with Singapore Counselling Centre; a part time Senior lecturer with ACC School of Counselling and Psychology. She teaches the Specialist Diploma In Counselling Psychology (in Mandarin), the Specialist Diploma In Youth Management And Counselling (in Mandarin), the Specialist Diploma In Relationship and Marital Counselling and the Specialist Diploma in Counselling Addiction – Gambling (in Mandarin). She also is the Programme Mentor for these Mandarin courses. She has received many positive responses from her clients.

With her experiences & knowledge she has conducted & organized Workshops such as Basic Counselling & Psychology, Addiction-Gambling, Youth Management and various workshop for difference Schools and Organizations!

Dr. Li was also featured for her expertise & knowledge on ZaoBao Newspaper, Radio Stations such as FM95.8, FM102.3,FM106.5 and appeared on Channel “U”.​

Dr Li is a part time lecturer with ACC. She teaches the Specialist Diploma In Counselling Psychology (in Mandarin), the Specialist Diploma In Youth Management And Counselling (in Mandarin), the Specialist Diploma in Counselling Addiction – Gambling (in Mandarin) and the Specialist Diploma in Relationship and Marital Counselling. She is also the Programme Mentor for these Mandarin courses.

Goh Chiou Yun, Carol

Ms Carol graduated from the National University of Singapore in BSc and pursued her Masters in Social Science (Counselling) with University of South Australia in 2005. She has more than 10 years of counselling experience and is married with 3 girls.

She worked in the corporate world mining research data and analysing and understanding consumer behaviour till 2005 where she started her private practice as a psychotherapist. She was an adjunct lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic from year 2008 – 2010. In addition to her private practice she is also associate counsellors at a local polytechnic and a local art school. She also works with special needs youths with autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, etc…

Ms Carol regularly gives talks at tertiary institutions, secondary school, churches and also invited speaker at Family service centres. The topics range from mental health issues to parenting and self development. Her specialty is working with youths and young adults. She is trained as a psychotherapist to uncover past hurts that inhibit current functioning. She is a certified practitioner in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitizing Reprocessing), a technique effective in treating trauma, depression, anxiety and stress. In addition she also practises Gestalt which is effective in finding closure to issues faced by client.

Ms Carol is a part time lecturer with ACC. She teaches the Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology, the Specialist Diploma in Youth Counselling And Management, and the Specialist Diploma in Children and Youth Counselling And Management.

Jovie Eng

Jovie Eng holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Economics from the National University of Singapore. She received her Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary Specialisation), and her Master in Applied Psychology from the National Technological University, Singapore.

Jovie spent 3 years with MOE as a primary school teacher, where she taught children a variety of subjects, conducted group works and coordinated enrichment programs. She was also an officer with the Singapore Girls’ Brigade, where she helped to organise activities and run programs for young girls. Upon leaving MOE, She spent a brief period of time with a human resource consultancy firm as a business developer. Here, she undertook administrative related responsibilities in areas of event management and marketing.

In areas of psychological work, her internship experiences involve working with youths with mental illnesses at the Singapore Association of Mental Health (Youth Reach) and conducting individual counselling for students from primary school to tertiary. She was also involved in family works, mainly supervised access / transfer at Centre for Family Harmony.

As a trained psychologist, she has practiced in a variety of settings across government, medical, voluntary welfare organizations and private practices. Her area of work in these settings include conducting group works and psychotherapy sessions in which she adopts an eclectic approach to therapy, with preferences for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Reality Therapy. She also does psychometric assessments for a variety of organizational and educational needs, and has experiences in giving talks and trainings to schools and organizations, mainly in areas of motivation and well-being.

As an individual who values academic achievements, she lectures Diploma and Degree level psychology modules at community colleges and local polytechnics. She is also dedicated to promoting emotional health and well-being at the workplace, and served as part of the organising committee of the 2010 Asian Pacific Employee Assistant Roundtable (APEAR) conference.

Jovie is currently a registered Psychologist with the Singapore Psychological Society.

Ms Jovie is a part time lecturer with ACC. She teaches the Specialist Diploma in Applied Psychology and Higher Diploma in Applied Psychology.

Joy Hou

Joy Hou takes a special interest in the mental well-being of individuals. Her work experience includes providing counselling for individuals who seek emotional and psychological support.  She has worked in both clinical as well as non-clinical settings, including schools, voluntary welfare organizations and the Institute of Mental Health.  In addition, Joy also currently conducts mental health-related talks and workshops in schools, corporations and community organizations.

Joy holds a Master of Arts (Applied Psychology) from Nanyang Technological University, and obtained her Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the University of Southern Queensland.  She had also been conferred a Bachelor of Science with Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.  A Registered Psychologist and a Full Member of the Singapore Psychological Society, Joy is also a Certified Behavioural Consultant in the DISC profiling system.

Tan Lay Geok

Ms Tan holds a Master in Counselling from the Monash University, Australia. She has more than ten years of experience in pastoral care and counselling. She is a certified facilitator for the Prepare-Enrich programme for premarital counselling, marriage preparation, marriage counselling and marriage enrichment.

Ms Tan is full-time with ACC. She is the principal of ACC. Ms Tan teaches the Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology, the Specialist Diploma in Counselling Addiction – Gambling, the Specialist Diploma in Children and Youth Counselling and Management, and the Specialist Diploma in Relationship and Marital Counselling.

Dede Tham

Ms. Tham is a registered Special Needs Therapist with the International Association for Counsellors and Therapists (United States), Certified Signpost Facilitator from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Singapore Registered Nurse. She graduated from the University of Greenwich with an Honours Degree in Psychology with Counselling and holds various post-graduate qualifications in both special education and psychotherapy. Before transitioning to a career in special needs education, she is a registered nurse trained in intensive care nursing and worked in a cardiac intensive care unit of a public hospital. Having had past experiences of working as an ICU-trained staff nurse and special needs therapist, she possesses a unique blend of critical skills and capabilities in designing and assessing multilevel interventions to ensure the best outcomes for persons with special needs.

She has worked in various disciplines such as early intervention centre, a specialized clinic, hospital, school, university and special needs support centres in providing therapy to persons with special needs and youths-at-risk. Her research focus in designing interventions in the marginalized population was published in peer-reviewed journal articles and she also presented twice in the Inclusive Education Symposium.

While pursuing her Master of Arts in Special Educational Needs at University of South Wales, United Kingdom, she works in a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) as a team leader in the instructional design & job coach team who was responsible for designing the vocational training curriculum, conducting assessments for accommodation, developing social skills materials and providing individual as well as group counselling to persons with special needs. Striving for an inclusive society, she collaborated with various industrial partners and played an integral role in preparing persons with special needs for success in customized training and integrated employment.

Ms. Tham is a part-time lecturer at ACC, teaching Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs.

Cassandra Victor

Ms. Cassandra completed her Diploma in Special Education from the National Institute of Education Singapore and a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from Flinders University Adelaide Australia. She is registered Special Needs teacher with the New Zealand Educational Council.

She has more than 18 years of experience in the field of Special Needs Education. During this time, she has experience working with children ages ranging from 5 to 18, with global developmental delays, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, children with hearing impairment, intellectual and learning disabilities, and Autism. Cassandra is a mother of two young boys and is currently living in Singapore.

In 2013, Cassandra worked with foreign students learning English as a second language at the Institute of Technical Education Singapore. She went on to volunteering her services by working with under privileged children and supported them academically, she was awarded outstanding tutor of the year in 2014 by Yayasan Mendaki.

Ms. Cassandra enjoys cycling and long distance running during her leisure time. She is a part-time lecturer at ACC, teaching Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs.

Mastura Surattee

Ms Mastura has been in the field of special education since 1985. She is a special education therapist and a counsellor for people with special needs and their families and also people with mental health.

She holds a Masters of Counselling from Monash University, Australia and a Bachelor in Special Education from Flinders University, Australia. She founded The Special People in 1995, a social enterprise company that provides educational and social services and supported employment dervices to people with special needs.

She has taught different levels at special schools in Singapore from preschool to pre-vocational at MINDS school, Horizon Centre for Special Education and The Special People. Currently, she is also supporting students with Autism in the mainstream schools and institute doing ‘N’ level, NITEC, higher NITEC and Diploma.

She has conducted various workshops, public awareness programmes and
sharing sessions including workshops for at-risk youths at Equal Ark (EquineTherapy). In 2018, she organised the first Bi/Triathlon for People with Special Needs in Singapore.

Ms Mastura was awarded inaugural Skills Future Study Award for Disability Employment Professionals by SgEnable in 2017. In 1998, she was awarded the inaugural Youth Community Initiative Movement Award by National Youth Council. That year, she was also awarded the LIA Volunteers Award by the Life Insurance Association for her contributions to community in the field of special education.

Ms Mastura is a part time lecturer with ACC. She teaches the Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs.

Karen Sciberras

Karen has more than 17 years experience as a counsellor. Since 2008, She has been a part-time lecturer for the Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology, Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs, Specialist Diploma in Workplace Counselling, Specialist Diploma in Youth Counselling and Management as well as Specialist Diploma in Counselling in Addiction-Gambling at ACC School in Singapore.

She holds a Joint Honours Degree in Social Policy and Sociology from the University of Hull (UK), and a Masters of Social Science Degree in Social Works from the National University of Singapore. She also obtained a Graduate Diploma in Expressive Therapy from Queensland Australia and a Graduate Advance Diploma in Children with Special Needs from NIE. Karen has also attended the Advanced Training in Choice Theory & Retail Therapy and Lead Management in October 2014. In 2014, Karen attended a Course in Dyslexia Studies from DAS Academy.

Karen has worked in various settings, which include school counselling, organization, medical social work, private counselling, and teaching. Her areas of interest include Youth Counselling, Special Needs Education, Marital and Mental Health. Through-out her years, Karen has workshops for parents In schools focusing on Special
Needs. During her 2 years stay in Japan, she worked with Foreign and Japanese children and adults in both private settings and local and international run schools. Most of her clients had difficulties adjusting with relocation, and relationship issues with their foreign spouses and emergency counselling for work place.

She takes a holistic approach to counselling. This multidimensional approach combines the best features of life coaching, psychotherapy, relationship counselling, mind-body healing and spiritual growth. Karen is married with 2 fantastic kids.

Ms Karen is a part time lecturer with ACC. She teaches the Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology, Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs, Specialist Diploma in Workplace Counselling, Specialist Diploma in Youth Counselling and Management as well as Specialist Diploma in Counselling in Addiction-Gambling.