Mental Wellness Workshops - ACC Institute of Human Services

 Mental Wellness Workshops

ACC Institute of Human Services conducts a variety of mental wellness workshops. These short workshops will give participants a concise introduction and understanding about specific topics.

For individuals who are interested in obtaining a Specialist Certificate or Specialist Diploma, find out more about our programmes here.

For members of the public who are interested to join our public workshops, check out the list that we have below.

Workshop Duration
1.5 days (10 hours)

Workshop Objectives
Understand what art therapy is and the various approaches used in art therapy
Appreciate the affect and effect of different art mediums on individuals

Course Duration
0.5 day (4 hours)

Workshop Objectives
Music Therapy Definitions, Misconceptions, Foundations
Wide applications of Music Therapy with selected client populations

Course Duration
1 day (8 hours)

Workshop Objectives
Identify the different types of crisis and signs of stress
Identify the core elements of Psychological First Aid
Provide Psychological First Aid using Look, Listen and Link Techniques

Besides these workshops, we are also able to conduct customized corporate training sessions and workshops for your organisation. Interested to find out more? Contact us at for more information.