Karen Soon - ACC Institute of Human Services

Counsellor-in-Training – Karen Soon


  • Master of Counselling – Monash University (Completion Date: Sep 2022)
  • Bachelor of Psychology – Nanyang Technological University


Karen is a trainee counsellor with ACC Institute of Human Services and is completing her Masters in Counselling at Monash University. She is passionate about helping others build mental resilience through the reframing of unhelpful thought and behaviour patterns. Prior to joining the SCC team, she worked as a freelance trainer, where she trained students of various secondary schools in socio-emotional and leadership skills. She also has many years of volunteer experience mentoring youths from troubled backgrounds.

Through the conversations she’s had with those whom she counselled and mentored, she has come to see that beyond physical circumstances, some of the toughest battles are fought in the mind, and social support is one of the most helpful resources a person could have.

In her time with SCC, Karen also plays the role of a programme executive, where she liaises with HR personnel of various companies to understand the needs of various organizations and draw up training and EAP programmes that cater to the needs of the employees.

Beyond working directly with clients through mentoring and counselling sessions, Karen’s training abilities and good understanding of the needs of corporate organizations has also allowed her to equip parents, teachers, and corporates with the basic knowledge and skills needed to be an effective pillar of support to those around them.