Student Services - ACC Institute of Human Services

Student Support Services

ACC Institute of Human Services is pleased to provide a range of student support services to meet the needs of students and enhance their educational experience during their enrolment with the Institute.

Some examples of Student Support Services are:

  • Personal counselling for students who may be facing difficulty coping with the demands in life in areas such as but not limited to studies, relationships or work
  • Close collaboration with parent/legal guardian for students under 18 years of age
  • Financial assistance schemes through Bursary and Financial Aid
  • Assistance to facilitate student’s placement into an agency for their Practicum (for students taking ACC’s Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology)

Holistic Programmes

Other programmes that the Institute offers to develop students holistically can be viewed under Student Workshops. These range from mental health programmes to to community involvement programmes. Both current and graduated students of ACC Institute of Human Services will be able to enjoy preferential rates for workshops such as:

  • Child First Aid and Understanding Children with Special Needs
  • Introduction to Art Therapy
    In this workshop, participants will learn more about the uses of art therapy and how to plan and facilitate a therapeutic art session.
  • Introduction to Music Therapy
    This seminar will introduce to participants the reasons why music therapy exists, who may benefit from it, how it looks/sounds like, how it is like to work with a music therapist, and the training requirements to become a music therapist.
  • Psychological First Aid
    The course will provide participants with basic knowledge and skills in providing psychological first aid to people who are affected by crisis.

ACC is also able to conduct private workshops for a minimum class size of 10 participants. For more information, write to for more information.